Tres Francais—Why the Baguette Must Live On

Wine, cheese and bread—the French live on them and also enjoy good heart health, thanks to the Resveratrol in red wine. That’s The French Paradox. And as you know, you can enjoy all the benefits of our Resveratrol 250mg and still enjoy your red wine in moderation.*

The French understand the significance of food in their quality of life, particularly their wine, cheese and French bread.

So it’s a surprise to learn that the baguette is only about half as important to the French diet as it once was.

While eating nearly a whole baguette was standard fare in 1970, half a loaf is more like it now. And the reason is also very American: The French don’t have time. Too hurried to stop by the bakery on their way to work, too busy to eat breakfast.

So the national bakers’ and millers’ lobby has launched a nationwide campaign modeled after the “Got Milk?” campaign, which asks people if they’ve bought their fresh bread today. Maybe they should combine it with a “Got Wine?” campaign to further extol the benefits of red wine paired with bread.

Is French bread on your grocery list? It should be; here’s why:

  • Well, if you’re French, because “France is a civilization of bread.” What French meal is complete without it?
  • It’s cheap, only about a dollar a loaf, even in the States. France sells 10 billion baguettes every year.
  • It promotes togetherness. When you bring fresh-baked bread from the bakery home, you’re sharing a food that makes the meal and also delights the people you love.

Is bread still an essential part of your meals, or not so much? Let us know! And tonight, consider the benefits of pairing a glass of red wine with a baguette. Keep a French tradition alive!

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