Going on summer vacay? Travel in style with a pillbox

That pill box you’re taking on vacay can be way cooler than what you may be used to. We’ve found great sources for designs that range from elegant to artistically intellectual, as well as the simple beauty of a well-designed plastic model.

A cool pillbox should look as good as it is practical. Not only can it stow your ResVitale supplements, but you can buy extra to protect your earrings and maybe take some mints with you on the plane. Each comes with cute compartments (some with removable dividers).

40-something hair? Keratin Enhance supports youthful hair*

Maybe it’s wishful thinking that women are beginning to get comfortable with growing older, but we hope we’re speaking for you. You’re living in a time when women are looking better, not older. If you’re eating healthy and working out, you have the knowledge and the motivation it takes to help slow aging down.

Did you also know that supplementing your diet— when combined with your daily health habits—can help your hair and skin better resist the effects of aging?

20-something hair? Keratin Enhance supports good hair days*

You can survive one bad hair day, because tomorrow’s a new day, right? But if you’re having more frequent bad hair days, it’s possible your hair is showing signs of damage that have built up little by little over time.

Every day that you’re in the sun, you’re exposing your hair to harsh ultraviolet rays and heat. Every time you blow-dry or style using heated tools, you’re subjecting your hair to temperatures that can cause dryness.

Your Beauty Routine: Add supplements to start from within

Maintain your ageless self with the ResVitale™ ‘Beauty from Within’ proteins*

A beauty routine that works from inside your body starts with the beauty proteins your body produces naturally—Keratin and Collagen. But about the time you turn 30, production of those proteins begins to slow down and signs of aging begin to show.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle & lose weight

A new way to exercise? Just keep moving

Are you getting enough exercise and the right kind? That may be a source of worry if your healthcare practitioner has advised you perform 20 minutes of cardio every day—at least 20 minutes of sustained exercise that raises your heart rate and keeps it up.

And according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Physical Activity Guidelines, you need to invest 150 or 75 minutes in working out each week—150 if you prefer exercise of moderate intensity, 75 minutes if you’re a vigorous-intensity exerciser.

Our expert weighs in on recent resveratrol study

Our expert, Dr. Joseph Maroon, explains in this article why the recent study about the lack of benefits in resveratrol is flawed: