Help Relieve Dry Skin with Ceramides

Hydraplump with Ceramides

Dry Skin Needs Ceramides

Is your dry skin crying out for relief? You may have lower levels of ceramides, natural lipids that are designed to protect your outermost layer of skin—the epidermis—from moisture loss.

If you use a dry-skin lotion that contains ceramides, you already know how effective ceramides can be in helping to increase moisture to your skin.

Longer Lasting Moisture* with Ceramides

How do we create longer lasting results? We recommend supplementing with ceramides. Your body produces ceramides naturally; however, there are also nutritional supplement ingredients called ceramides that can help support the ceramides in your skin. Unfortunately, your natural ceramide levels begin to decline with age, so you may be more likely to experience dry skin as you get older.*

Is ResVitale Collagen HydraPlump™* with Ceramides for you?
We call it Advanced Moisture Protection—advanced skincare from within—because it can help:

• Replenish protective ceramide lipids*
• Support healthy skin with dual-action BioCell Collagen®*

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